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Our Juneteenth Celebration | Release Date 6.19

Produced by: Andre Amiger @AndreAmiger #BeatHuztlerzProductionz
Vocals/Lyrics by: Mahoganee @MahoganeeAmiger
Cover Art by: X Alfonso of Cuba @X-Alfonso
Inspired by #NikoleHannahJones #1619Project
#BlackLivesMatter #Juneteenth #Gullah #Geechee 



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From the Studio of Andre & Mahoganee Amiger. In Celebration of Juneteenth and the Black Culture. In honor of our Parents. In honor of our Grand-Parents, Great-Grand Parents, all generations past and all those who sacrificed, survived and gave so that we could survive and thrive. In respect to our DNA and Heritage. In spite of everything that has transpired in 2020 and past in regards to de-humanizing the black soul. In gratitude to Nikole Hannah-Jones for the 1619 Project and its inspiration. We present our Art to you.

Music: Andre Amiger/ Mr. Bounce Back

Vocals/Lyrics: Mahoganee

Cover Art: X Alfonso of Cuba

Inspired by #NikoleHannahJones #1619Project

BlackLivesMatter #SixteenNineteen

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    1619 6:02

“A week ago, my friends Andre & Mahoganee, a soulful power couple, sent me ‘1619’ and asked for my thoughts about it. 
I’ve yet to find adequate words to express its profundity and pride that ‘1619’ has stirred inside me for a week straight.  
This is more than a song; it’s a our ancestors... a soliloquy of silenced, lost souls & serenity finally found in ...a Psalm of freedom.  
‘1619’ is haunting yet hopeful, lyrically and sonically the sound of black souls singing, àse.”🤛🏿

Teachers, there are so many lessons that can be taught from this song.   
It speaks to the TRANSITIONS we’ve gone thru as a people & how slavery interrupted our sovereignty.  But it also speaks to our eminent & enduring VICTORY.  Listen carefully to the words.  Thx Baba Kazemde Ajamu for introducing me to this wonderful couple!

Dr. Chike Akua- 

Dr. Chike Akua is An Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Clark Atlanta University and a leading authority on increasing the achievement of today's students, especially those in some of the most challenging schools and communities.  His cultural proficiency, equity and accountability work is known nationally for assisting school systems in improving school and community climate and culture.



Inspired by The 1619 Project and Podcast, "1619" starts off detailing ancestors being taken from their homeland
and brought to an area with which they are not familiar. It moves to women that are forced to not be

who they really want to be.  The song then evolves into an empowering verse, celebrating what has happened in our past. 

click to read the full article  👉🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾



NY Times Article by Nikole Hannah-Jones

 Maya Angelou, We Wear The Mask

 Igbo Landing Mass Suicide 1803

X Alfonso_Reflexión (Video Oficial) Cuba


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