Black Butterfly :: BackStory & Liner Notes

Black Butterfly was the beginning of me becoming ME 

Upon moving back home to South Carolina in 2010, I noticed that on St. Helena Island SC where my sister was living there was an energy and a feeling that I had never felt before. It was a spiritual awakening that took place within me and my writing via the song Black Butterfly. I'm going to give you the short version of this story. I have heard many people speak of how they feel the souls (energy) of our ancestors in this area and you may or may not understand this. My husband would go out into the yard and the deer would just walk up to him as if he were one of them and he also had a particular spot that he would go to to create his music. He's a city boy so this was not the norm for him but it was apart of the journey. It was Magical. We have a recipe for birthing our music as he delivers the music and I write and arrange. The song was written and arranged in about 30 minutes and this has never happened to me before, so I know it was not me but I was simply a vessel whom the word passed through. 

Liner Notes:   
Lyrics, Vocal Performance, Arrangement : Mahoganee Amiger  
Producer : CheefahDray 
Recording Studio : Responsible ARTistry Studios  
Recording Engineer : Andre Amiger  
Mixing Engineer : Andre Amiger 
Cover ArtWork by Responsible ARTistry