Cadillac Dreams :: BackStory & Liner Notes

Cadillac Dreams is a Southern Hip-Hop Song about Self-Esteem & Inside Beauty 

Cadillac Dreams made me step out of my comfort zone and still be true to what I wanted to say lyrically.
I always want to be inspirational and speak to the soul of young girls and women so I did with a twist on this song.
My nephew RoBlak came in and dropped some phenomenal bars to compliment the song. I am from South Carolina 
and thus I was writing from a Southern frame of mind. My mom loved Cadillacs and so it just seemed only right to
reference this particular vehicle and because I love my momma, I talk about her sweet potato pie. 

Liner Notes:   
Lyrics, Vocal Performance, Arrangement : Mahoganee Amiger
Feature : RoBlak  
Producer : CheefahDray  
Recording Studio : Responsible ARTistry Studios  
Recording Engineer : Andre Amiger  
Mixing Engineer : Andre Amiger  
Cover ArtWork by Responsible ARTistry