Grandma's Listenin :: BackStory & Liner Notes

Grandma's Listenin blends country and soul.

It's about my mother Dorothy Nelson-Mivens and all her grands and great grands who never got to physically know her. I am letting them know that she is here, everywhere, in the color of their eyes, their skin, in the ocean and rising with every sunset. The central theme of the song is that grandma is always listening, caring, nurturing and protecting. I wrote the song for myself as well as anyone who loves their momma, grandma or nana. That everlasting and comforting kind of love. Reminiscent of the 1971 hit "Grandma's Hands" by Bill Withers. 

Liner Notes: 
Lyrics, Vocal Performance, Arrangement : Mahoganee Amiger
Producer : CheefahDray
Recording Studio : Responsible ARTistry Studios
Recording Engineer : Andre Amiger
Mixing Engineer : Andre Amiger
Cover ArtWork by Editorial Cartoonist Ron Bryant 

The song also became apart of an Anti-Bullying Campaign for the Responsible ARTistry Campaign in partnership with
Cut-n-Edge Cartoons, was performed by the 2014 Class of 1st Graders at St. Helena Elementary School, 
and was also an Anti-Bullying Discussion on the 2014 Original Gullah Festival Schedule in Beaufort South Carolina.