Mahoganee performing at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina

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I am so excited about my upcoming performance with the Legendary Dr. Marlena Smalls and The Hallelujah Singers at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina in the beautiful Elizabeth Wallace Theater. If you are not familiar with Dr. Smalls, allow me to give you some background info on this legendary queen. Dr. Smalls has toured heavily in Europe, performed for the Queen of England and held a concert in the famed Frankfurt Opera House in Germany. She also landed a role in an Academy Award-winning film, in which, ironically, she did not sing. Dr. Smalls played the role of Bubba’s mama in the film “Forest Gump.” But not even an Ohio upbringing and a well-worn passport could sever her link to South Carolina. In 1985, Dr. Smalls founded the Gullah Festival in Beaufort which would celebrate the culture and preserve its many traditions. By 1990, Dr. Smalls had formed the Hallelujah Singers.
Dr. Smalls and the Hallelujah Singers were named South Carolina Ambassadors of Tourism and a Local Legacy of South Carolina by the US Library of Congress. They have received numerous honors, including the Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Award, the highest tribute bestowed by the state in the arts.
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