A (SoulTracks) Stamp on Collard Green Crown

Thank you SoulTracks.com for an amazing #FirstListen Write-Up for #CollardGreenCrown:::  
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Nourishing to the body, gratifying for the mind and soothing for the soul.
Auntie's pies, Momma's mac-n-cheese and Uncle's special sauces all remind us of comfort,
tradition and honoring the roots that first nourished us, tenets being celebrated in
Mahoganee's new single, "Collard Green Crown." 

A tribute to the boldness and beauty of natural hair, "Crown" is delivered
in upbeat and vintage packaging (its tune is reminiscent of a Spinners/O'Jays groove),
an ode to the long-held memories,
traditions and cultural standards that loved ones have passed back and forth between
generations by grooming and styling the hair:
"I wear you so proudly, because you brought me through....your essence is so necessary for me to grow."
In a world that's still insistent on the 'otherization' of anything Afrocentric, 
the musical statement created by this youth mentor, vocalist and
songwriter is a both a worthy listen and meaningful cause.

SoulTracks.com is such a prestigious Soul Site and to be mentioned among such 
amazing well established artists, it just truly 
adds so much credibility to all the hard work my husband & I have put into our music ::: 
The track was composed & produced by my husband "Andre Amiger" of Beat Huzttlerz Productionz 
Published under our Writing Company Amiger Legacy Enterprise (ASCAP)

Vocal Performance, Arrangement by Mahoganee  
Background Vocals : Mahoganee Amiger, LaKenia Gant 
Cover ArtWork by Gullah Artist Natalie Daise