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Nourishing to the body, gratifying for the mind and soothing for the soul.
Auntie's pies, Momma's mac-n-cheese and Uncle's special

Art, Food + Lyrics & Beats = "Collard Green Crown"

Several people have asked exactly what is a "Collard Green Crown"? 
How did this come to be?

BACK STORY  (Short Version) 

Someone Opened the Portal to This song…. 

ViSually it was InSpired by the “The Collard Series” ARTwork of Ms…

Save Me :: BackStory & Liner Notes

Save Me was written back in 2009 and is just as relevant today as it was then. With the police brutality 
and blatant racism that waves just as freely and boldly as the american flag, our community finds itself

Rock & Roll : BackStory & Liner Notes

This song was written in 2009 to just give honor and pay homage to some of
those black artists that paved the way for us as musicians and artists today. 

History of music always finds its way to the truth…

Mahoganee at The Jazz Corner

Now this is going to be FUN!!!!
A great time for a great cause.
This is the 5th Annual Afternoon of Jazz & 5th Year of Powerful Delta Women Impacting the Community.
This is event is being held at one…

Mahoganee Speaking at GDOP Teen Summit

Join me for "The Gullah Daughters of Purpose" Teen Summit on Saturday September 17th
from 1pm to 5pm at Farrah Hall inside The Historic Penn Center,
located at 16 Penn Center Circle West on St. Helena Island, SC,
For More…

Cadillac Dreams :: BackStory & Liner Notes

Cadillac Dreams is a Southern Hip-Hop Song about Self-Esteem & Inside Beauty 

Cadillac Dreams made me step out of my comfort zone and still be true to what I wanted to say lyrically.
I always want to be inspirational and…