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These videos are all original songs on this page. To best view and hear these videos you will need to hit the speaker icon for sound and the arrows icon to enlarge. There are also more cover song performance videos to view on my site HERE

Textures of a Soul (TOAS) is a curriculum based album designed to engage and excite the listener. It is also an introduction to a next level collaborative artistry between husband and wife team Andre & Mahoganee Amiger. Mahoganee set out on a musical journey to learn more about her family lineage, heritage and culture. This album is birthed from Mahoganee growing up in rural South Carolina with the soul, blues, jazz influence and Andre growing up in DC with a strong live band go-go influence (funk, R & B) and now coupled with visits to Trinidad, Tobago, Cuba and Belize that added to the musical recipe. 

To preview a taste of “Textures of a Soul” press play below to listen & download the song “Collard Green Crown”. Cover Artwork is by Actress (Gullah Gullah Island) & Gullah Artist Natalie Daise and is apart of The Collard Series Collection at 

Collard Green Crown was Featured on with New Single First Listen Write-Up Feb 2017. SoulTracks is currently the most popular soul music website in America. The leading online resource dedicated to classic and modern Soul Music. 

I will spend the new few months introducing you to this project. The songs (listed below) are not only beautiful compositions but also created to be theatrical pieces. (not all are listed)

  • Collard Green Crown  Art, Food + Lyrics & Beets = "Collard Green Crown") Collard Greens represent heritage, history and family gatherings. They are food to the soul, because they provide nourishment and strength as families gather around the kitchen table to share and create memories. (Studies indicate that dinner conversation is a more potent vocabulary-booster than reading, and the stories told around the kitchen table help our children build resilience). The crown represents hair, the different textures not only within the African Diaspora but the people of color worldwide.
  • Funky Organik Soul is a tribute to the blues & funk. It is presented as our genre of music described as Southern Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues & Hip-Hop.

  • Casa Del Rio (House on the River) is a love letter to South Carolina with reference to the Pee-Dee and the Low Country with its direct link between the West African and Gullah culture, customs and lifestyle. By sharing the various regions of South Carolina students will develop a greater appreciation and understanding of its multiculturalism. It is noted that the Pee-Dee region is the birthplace of the artist “Mahoganee”.

  • Lowcountry Daughter is a tribute to women who have endured injustice because of their gender.

  • Come Together in Love is about about Self Love, Relationship Love & Humanity Love. We are living in a time where we must begin to operate from a place of love in order to sustain our humanity or we may lose it. 

  • Carolina Gold is complex and growing Artwork by Diane Britton-Dunham